Christmas shopping and how not to end up broke?

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. The trees are all festive, the houses and the yards are decorated, the lights are on the streets, Christmas songs are going on the radio and movies on the TV. You love it, don’t you? The kids are enthusiastic and some sort of enthusiasm is waking up in your busy, practical and sceptical soul, because this time of the year, miracles are happening, love is being spread and so is kindness. Go back home now, make yourself a cup of hot chocolate and start planning, because no matter how magical the whole December is, it bring some more work and tasks, who bring you joy, but exhaust you as well. So sit down and make a budget first, because the last thing you would like to become after Christmas is broke. And here come the many doubts and questions. How much should you spend on presents? How big and how expensive should they be? And how could you find the balance after all?


It may sound a little bit narrow-mindedly, but think of the presents you got last year and those you gave. Remember that fancy jewellery box you got to one of your friends, which looked splendidly, but cost far too much and the simple t-shirt she gave you. It was not fair, huh? No it wasn’t. So make sure that you will spend not too much and not too little.


Write the names of all of the people you would buy presents to. Then next to the names write the amount of money you are about to spend for presents. Sum them up and think if this is reasonable and if this is something you could afford. Otherwise, make some changes.