Halloween-ish fashion in your everydayness

Halloween-ish fashion in your everydayness

The most amazingly nice thing about this day is the way it makes you escape the reality. For some time there are now everyday problems, no challenging tasks and things to be worried about. For some time the fairy tales are real, so are the heroes and the monsters, the princesses and the kings, the idols and the aliens. Everything you could be and this is a more real version of a teenager choosing a major. But no matter you much you love this day, there is one thing about it that makes you remarkably sad – the fact that it is just a day. And then it ends. And the preparation is over and there are some uneaten candies and too many pumpkins at home. However, the truth is that you could make it last for a little bit longer and you may somehow extend it for at least the entire October. Get a Halloween-ish outfit and enjoy it every day.

The cat eyes

Yes this is a trend and you know that they have these on the red carpet, but you feel that it is somehow inappropriate for the work day and for the weekend in park. In October you are free to show you patience and great make-up skills and do a cat-eye make-up as often as you can. It’s chic. And if you have no time for this early in the morning or whenever you go out, you still can buy cat-eye frames and look exclusively splendid.

The lipsticks

They could be dark, really dark. It looks unnatural when you wear a red lipstick in the middle of July, when you are on your holiday. It simply doesn’t fit. Summer is the season of the nudes. Autumn is the season of the extremes – dark red, brown, perfection.