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5 DIY Carpet Cleaning Tips & Tricks

5 DIY Carpet Cleaning Tips & Tricks

Getting rid of dirt and stain from your carpet is essential for its longevity and your own personal health safety. It is not hard provided you know what to do and have the right detergents. You can start by understanding the different types of stains and how to eliminate them. Well, for those with enough financial muscle, hiring an Auckland-based professional rug cleaner will always be a viable option. SYK Cleaning agency brings professional carpet cleaning right to your doorstep. Visit this blog if you want to know more information about them.

However, exploring a couple of DIY tricks can save you a great deal of time and money. After all, most of them are very easy. Here five of the most common.

Get the Ice

The ice cubes in your freezer can be used for a lot more than just getting your drink chilled. It is good for removing gum that has stuck on your carpet. You simply have to take the cubes and place them on the gum for about 30 seconds or more. Once it is rock solid you can easily remove it by pulling and use a scrubbing pad to clean further. That should take less than five minutes of your time and you won’t have to pay for anything.

Make use of your iron box

Wax is yet another stain that tends to embed itself on carpets often. For this, no ice would be required. On the contrary, you should look for your ironing box. The aim is to heat the wax so that it melts and youscrap it off the carpet. Better still, you can take a piece of paper and iron it over the wax. This will cause the wax to attach itself to the paper when it melts. Repeat the process for a couple of seconds until the wax is no more.

Use the dishwasher to remove grease

Do you have grease on your carpet? Worry no more, the dish washing detergent has you covered. Take a drop or two of a grease-cutting dishwashing detergent, place it in a cup of water and apply on the stained area, with a cloth or using a spray bottle. Blot it up a couple of times to get rid of the grease completely.

Blot the stain, don’t rub

In all the DIY tips mentioned where detergents are involved, you would be required to blot the stain and not rub it. Blotting is where you use a clean cloth, sponge, or towel to soak up the stain from the rug. It should be done from outward of the stain going inward.

Rubbing is discouraged because it results in spreading of the stain into the carpet fibers, thereby causing more damage.

The shaving cream

The shaving cream is said to be effective in removing a wide range of stains. The best part is that it takes very little time and the process is very simple. Take your shaving cream and apply directly on the stain. Give it 30 minutes to set after which you can remove it with a dry white cloth. Most, if not all the stain will leave with the cream. To complete the process, spray a mixture of vinegar and water on the area then wipe with a cloth.

For these tips to work efficiently, you should make a point of removing the stains immediately. Do not wait for thedirtor stain to embed itself deeper into the rug. It will only make your work hard. Lastly, try and deep clean the carpet occasionally to keep it clean and fresh.

Clean Less and Have a Better Looking House in the Same Time

Clean Less and Have a Better Looking House in the Same Time

That’s ridiculous, you most probably think. You do believe that every house which looks clean, organized or just great is a result of many efforts, late nights spent decluttering and entire weekends devoted for perfecting the overall condition of the house. But is it indeed? How could then some people have houses like this and free time for Saturday nights out and Sunday brunches? How could they manage to cope with all? In fact, this is the greatest cleaning myth ever. And please, stop thinking that the cleaning means wasting a great amount of precious time for your house. Yeah, it requires time and it requires energy, but you know what? It requires these only if you are not doing it right. And, my dears, the secret and ultimate solution for you is called efficiency. And this could save you not only time and efforts, which seem to be so scarce these days, but the effectiveness of your clean-up could save you money, as well. And the only thing you need to do is acquiring some habits and learning how to maintain your house in real life. SYK end of tenancy cleaning agency can be useful with some cleaning tips. Click here to see their advices.

Clean as You Go

Image of broomsObviously this won’t take you any time. All you need to do is just to acquire the habit of thinking and cleaning as you go. Put your clothes and shoes where they belong when you come home. Wash the dishes or at least put them in the dishwasher, while or right after you have cooked dinner. Make your bed, when you wake up. Clean your laptop or personal computer, while you are browsing the web. Make your kids take care of their toys after they have played with them. Teach them to be responsible and not to leave a mess after themselves. Thus without actually doing something, you will notice the change.

Avoid Making Dirt

This sounds strange and difficult. How, the hell, could you not make dirt when you are actually living in this place, you are wondering. Well, create some rules and follow them. never walk with your muddy and dirty shoes in the house and don’t allow anyone to do this. This simple step will keep your house in a better condition. Never eat in bed or on the sofa. Always have dinner together on the dining table. Though this sounds too simple, think about how much time you spend cleaning the hardwood floor every weekend, as it is so disgustingly dirty and you will realize that you are the one responsible for the grime.

Be Efficient

The effectiveness is the most important part of the cleaning process, that is for sure. Click To Tweet So always strive for it, because it brings greatness and perfection. And if you simply have no cleaning skills and no experience and cannot cope with the clean-up, no matter what it is, by yourself, hire a professional cleaning team that will make your house shine in a couple of hours only.

In the presentation below you will get more information about the spring cleaning of SYK.

Why is Your Dining Space Always So Dirty?

Why is Your Dining Space Always So Dirty?

The entire family is getting together in the evening after a tense day at work, a fascinating time spent at school and a lot of joy at the soft play, the entire family is getting together at the dining table. The home-made dinner is served and it is time for warm smiles, a lot of sharing, wise talks, many jokes and a tradition you will be nostalgic for in a certain moment of your life. But after those couple of hours spent around the table, you can notice nothing but the mess in the dining area. How is this possible, you are wondering? And why is this space so grimy, dirty and unorganised. The truth is that the maintenance of the dining space area is almost always excluded from the “what-to-clean” lists and you have hardly ever taken care of it. That is why you need to make a change now.

The deep clean-up

What you need to do first is no doubt to declutter. The dining area is called like this, because this is the place you are eating in. So remove all those things with no purpose that are there just to make this place look unorganised. Then clean deeply the flooring, no matter if it is carpeted or hardwood one. Simply perfect it. At the end with a microfiber cloth clean every chair and the dining table precisely and patiently. Just make them shine.

The everyday cleaning routine

I believe that you don’t want to eat from a table covered with thick layer of dust, do you? It is disgusting and so gross. That is why you need to dust and vacuum this are frequently enough so that this space looks organized and its overall condition is just perfect.

How to Plan Your Move Out and End of Tenancy Cleaning Online

How to Plan Your Move Out and End of Tenancy Cleaning Online

With the busy lifestyles, challenging jobs and frequent trips and travels, we all have no time. We have no time for home maintenance and for cleaning. We have no time for movies, for book reading in bed till midnight.

You simply have no free time, as well. But then one day you realize that you are about to move out soon and for this reason, need to perform an end of tenancy cleaning now. But how to plan this entire process, while you are at work two or three districts away from home. How to plan it, while the only times you are at the neighbourhood is when nothing is open and no one works. How to prepare yourself and your home for this change? How? Well, you could with no problems pack all your stuff, when you come home after work. You should indeed. Sort your things, put them in boxes and put labels, as well. Empty all the cupboards and all the wardrobes.

Take everything out of the appliances like the oven and the microwave and when it is time for a professional cleaning team to arrive, everything will be just alright. But how to find it then, how to find the best experts in the cleaning industry? These days it is a super easy task. Just check everything online.

Make a Research

You need to be prepared and make informed choices and decisions. Click To Tweet That is why you have to make a research first. Find which cleaning teams are offering this type of service in your area and in your district. Then look online for what other people think about the services this cleaning agency offers. And if you find many unsatisfied customers, better do not trust this team and look for another one.

Image of researchCheck the Website

Every innovative, responsible and professional cleaning company nowadays has its own website and there you could get information about what this team offers and what makes it different from all the others. There you could find information about how inclusive this cleaning is and which rooms and places does the team take care of. Also there you can find the prices, which are super important for every person, as no one wants to spend his entire salary for a single cleaning. And last but not least, in the Frequently Asked Question section, you may find the answers of the majority of the things bothering you.

Contact Them

And because we live in the era, when everything is done super easy, now you can contact the team online. You better know that the Image of phoneprofessional and expert cleaning teams will want you to give them information about the condition of your house so that they could be prepared and that they could transform it easily. If you choose one of the very best teams in London, you will receive a personalized quote done for your specific needs and you won’t have to pay a fixed price.

You can visit a blog of SYK End of Tenancy Cleaning Agency and contact them.