HOLIDAY TRAFFIC: Hundreds of thousands of Bulgarians hit the road

The police will take care the normal movement of vehicles

In the last working day before Christmas the traffic is increased. Hundreds of thousands of Bulgarians hit the road to meet Christmas Eve and Christmas with their families. Increased police presence will be nationwide. The main outputs
of Sofia traffic police will ensure smooth movement of vehicles. From the Police advised to keep a greater distance to drive at reasonable speeds, we loaded the car with enough fuel, and carry water and warm clothes.

From 16.00 to 20.00. Will stop the motion of heavy vehicles in all exit roads of Sofia.

Busiest is expected to be traffic on the highway “Trakia” in the direction of Plovdiv and roads in direction of Pernik. Continue and repairs of tunnels on the “Hemus” highway, which will probably cause some problems with movement.

The most intensive traffic will be between 16.00 and 21.00.

Today is the last of the three days off to celebrate Christmas. It is expected that increased traffic on the roads in places traffic is more complicated because of the weather conditions.

In many places in the country rains, the pavement is wet and there is frost. Police urge drivers to drive with caution.

Today there will be more police on the roads. Locally changes are designed to facilitate the movement: in Vladaya the entrance of Sofia has two separate bands.

For the holidays 250,000 cars left the capital. They have formed traffic jams. Many of them, however, will remain and New Year holidays.

Loaded is the path from Greece to Bulgaria. Thousands of Bulgarians have chosen Greece New Year’s Eve. Therefore, traffic from Sofia to Kulata is expected to be intense. Other hotspots – roads from the resorts (Bansko, Pamporovo, Borovets, etc.) and highways. According to the road agency, however now the traffic on the main roads in the country is calm.


All passengers who travel by plane is better to leave at least two – three hours earlier. Besides the difficulties in traffic at airports will have a large number of departures, which will further impede check-in passengers. We recommend hiring a Bulgaria transfer company for your movement from the resorts to the airports in the country to be sure you will get on time for your flight.